Your website is what makes us tick.

  • We inspire engagement through quality content.
  • We increase traffic by relentlessly tending to Google's ever-changing needs.

SEO and content agency.
Built for dynamic businesses - like yours.

What makes us different?

We are experienced and focussed SEO professionals driven by a desire to inspire engagement and drive traffic to your site.

We are not a "jack of all trades" marketing agency trying to cross-sell all kinds of assistance (whether you need it or not).

  • We don't impose SEO on you, we work with you to drive relevant traffic for your market.
  • We take the time to understand your business, your aspirations and your target audience.
  • We work with writers who get a buzz from creating quality content - in your voice - that’ll make you stand out from your competition.
  • We believe in constant "tending" to your site to achieve great SEO rather dropping a hefty audit report on your desk for you to decipher.
  • We don't believe in contract "lock-ins" because we're confident that when you try us, you'll like us and the results. Should your circumstances change, we get it - you can press 'pause' at any time.
  • We don't engage in "black hat SEO" or think trying to fool Google works.

What we can do for you

Technical SEO

How your site performs, its responsiveness, the speed your media loads - and even your URL structure - all influence where your website ranks on Google.

We work with your techies to make sure your site is super snappy in its response.

Content SEO

SEO is not all about keywords or keyphrases. Content is king. Search engines honour content which engages human readers (and they punish manipulated copy written to try and capture the attention of robots).

We can make suggestions to improve your existing content. We can write regular, top-quality content to engage your potential customers as well as the Google bots. Or we're more than happy to work with your writers to ensure they are making the most of their words.

Link building SEO

Google loves content which shows Expertise, is Authoritative and Trustworthy (EAT). To demonstrate this you need links from high value sites. A great example where quality beats quantity hands-down.

We’ll forge a link-building strategy with you and reach out to develop the relationships so together we’ll grow that all-important EAT.

Local SEO

Almost half of Google searches have already filtered by location which means they’re a motivated ‘buyer’. So any search which includes locality has more chance of turning into a sale, business introduction - or whatever you want your website to achieve.

We’ll ensure you feature on local listings, Google maps and you’ll be mobile friendly.

How we work

We establish baseline measurements to assess the starting point of your site so we can track progress and ensure value will grow.

Our writers create Google-friendly blogs, articles, insights or web pages. Or we can work with your writers to make the best use of their words.

We work with your technical team to ensure your site is set up for success behind the scenes.

We work with you to discover the critical keywords and phrases which are important to your business - which make you stand out and convert searches to hits.

We keep you informed so you know how things are improving and where we are focussed.

We keep an eye on your close competitors to help you rank higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we are not a bricks and mortar agency, you won't be paying for fancy real estate, PAs and office drinks on Fridays. This makes us very cost-effective. Contact us and we’ll talk to you about your individual needs.

Getting to the top of Google rankings depends on many variables such as: how competitive your keywords are; the quality of your content; the quality of your backlinks; and your site’s performance.

It is more important to have people click on your pages and engage with your site than to get to the top of the rankings for a particular keyword. That engagement is how you’ll make your sales.

However, a high-performing website with well-conceived content can expect improvement in rankings within a month.

Yes, we can! There is nothing we like better than transferring our knowledge. We can help your content creators learn to think about SEO when they write. We can help your technical team adopt the pro-tips.

However, it's constant tending to your site and balancing all the SEO factors that will keep your site ranking high. Even if your people have a little knowledge, will they have the time?

We work with all major Content Management Systems. Craft CMS and Wordpress are two we come across frequently and we code in Django.

Some of our clients